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Fender Mount Thoughts
Hey Group,

Okay, I have decided to not mount my antenna on the roof of my 2008 Tahoe. It gets parked in the garage A Lot. So, is a fender mount worth the effort for 2/70 use or stick with HT???

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Just a whip on fender!!

!!Later Stacey!!
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I went ahead and ordered a stainless fender NMO mount from Pro.Fit. They manufacture vehicle specific mounts that are used in the commercial industry that are designed to correct the geometry for the different types of fenders etc. It also uses an existing bolt that is on the fender vs. those cheesy L brackets that you sheet metal screw on. Will be nice to get a radio finally installed into the Tahoe. Been having to charge the HT like crazy...
Hey Chris,

I think you'll be very happy with the fender mount - a bigger antenna makes a HUGE difference!
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Thanks Vaughn. I agree. Even if it is somewhat more directional, it will perform much better than an HT and it will survive on the fender vs. the roof which my wife will use as a vehicle can opener. Smile


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