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Elecraft KX3 HF/6m All-Mode Transceiver
A few of you guys saw this at last month's meeting when I brought it for "show and tell." I thought I'd mention that Rob Sherwood just released his test results for the rig. They are available at:

In short, the KX3 is one of the top receivers that Rob has tested. The narrow spaced IMDDR3 is the best on the entire list with the optional roofing filter.

If you want more information on the transceiver, you can check out I'm also available to answer any questions folks have.
Eric from Elecraft just released the specs and some pictures of the pre-release 100 watt amp for the KX3. It sounds like its close to being released. Estimated price is $699 for the amp and $299 for the optional tuner.

Quote:KXPA100 amplifier pics from today's @elecraft twitter post can be seen at the following links:

KXPA100 quick info:

- 100 W Output on all bands, 160 m to 6 m; 4 W Input for 100W Out typical
- Modern Design with MOSFET Output Stage
- Solid State diode T/R Switching — supreme fast and silent T/R and QSK
- 13.8V nominal DC Powered. No moving parts (no fan required)
- One RF input, 1 or 2 ANT outputs. (2nd ANT output with internal ATU option.)
- LED Bar-graphs for power, status and SWR (with the internal ATU option).
- KXPA100 works with any rig with just AMP KEY and RF. The internal freq counter auto band switches.
- The KXPA100 Integrates Seamlessly with the KX3, but also functions with all QRP transceivers up to 10W of output.
- Dedicated KX3 interface with band data communicates between the KX3 and Amp.
- Pre-drive band data switching, while not required, also supports many rigs, including the Yaesu FT-817, and Icom IC-703. (Ask us for details)
- Double APP power connectors both for additional friction fit in mobile apps and for optional daisy chaining of KX3 13.8V power.
- The rugged KXAT100 Internal integrated ATU handles a 10:1 SWR range on most bands with Elecraft's proven high performance fast matching algorithm.
- ATU settings, once tuned, are remembered per band, per band segment, and per antenna.

This is pre-release information. We are not yet offering the KPA100 for sale and we can not take orders until the final FCC certification is received. Basically we perform the amp testing at a local test lab and in our lab and submit the data to the FCC. (Harmonic cleanliness, Amplifier max gain <15 dB, Blocking of the CB band etc.) This is usually a fairly quick process based on our experience getting the FCC certification for the KPA500.


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