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Echolink working again?

Has the Echolink node been put back into service on the 513? I've not heard it in a long time? Which also reminds me to ask as well, what other repeater locally has echolink on it that I can get from Eugene via the radio and or with the smartphone app and computer?

73's -

Jeff - KE7OUR
Hello Jeff,

No, the Echolink / IRLP node is not back online yet. Chris (K7TVL) has plans to put it back on-line when the weather gets too nasty to be outside working on towers, and when he has some time.
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ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
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Yes it is working.

It is located at Buddys Diner in Eugene, OR

Echolink Node # 256964, Call sign search "AB7BS-R"


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