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Echolink? IRLP? EchoIRLP?? Back soon????
So when are we getting Echolink and IRLP, either or both, back up and running?????? I thought we procured a new location back in last December?? Almost a year gone by!!

I think we need to get a new Echolink account under the W7PRA call sign and find some place to get it stationed and get it up and going. And then get the IRLP back up, too. K7UND, yours is still in the IRLP database, right??(Oops, just looked. Guess not. Oh well.)

Anyway, Im sure you still have the setup for it. I know many, MANY people would like to see both back online. If we could get a good Linux machine set up somewhere with a EchoIRLP setup on it and get the new phone patch up and running, we would have probably the BEST repeater system in the state!!!! If it's not already, that is!!Cool

Just curious where we are on that.
-Jeff  Cool
Bump bump!
Repeater site work has been very difficult for me this year for many reasons. but as the weather get worse and sites snow in, the chances go up to get up to Corvallis and getting this started improve.
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