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Camp out fishing trip and some radio!
So what say ye about a camp out weekend ,with fishing ham radio! some folks from the sportsmans net and beyond?? Looking for thoughts..... date to think about would be possibly on the free fishing weekend!
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Heck yes!

I took Monday off work just so I can go camping this weekend. Gonna go to my little piece of land up in the woods on the far side of Lebanon and pitch a tent and do a mock Field Day setup to try some things out. I know it isn't much of a camping trip (Oh no, a 10 minute walk to a house with a bathroom and such)... but it's out in the woods, secluded, and quiet. What else could I ask for?

I'm going to make an effort to do more camping this year.
W0ULF 2011+
ex KF7RJU 2011-2011
ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
Rigs: Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver and HX-10 Marauder Transmitter, IC-7410 Base HF w/AH-4, IC-2720 Mobile Dual Band, IC-V8000 Go-Bag 2m, IC-2820 base 2m/70cm (That goes to Field Day or goes in the other truck when I'm driving it), Kenwood TH-75A and Icom IC-92AD HTs.
I am going to camp more this summer to! I need to hone some skills! Ill share my findings with ya.. or we should go together some time..
Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
K7SGS Wrote:camp out weekend ,with fishing ham radio!

We're gonna fish for "ham radios"?????????

(ha-ha, j/k!!)
-Jeff  Cool


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