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**CHANGED** First Club meeting on Sunday-Corvallis**
It is here, we are going to meet for the first Peak Radio Association club meeting at Steve's KC7NUD house in Corvallis-This Sunday, the 12th of February at 1pm. Address is 1105 NW 28th St., Corvallis You must RSVP that you will be coming by Saturday night the 11th on this thread.

***Please only RSVP on this thread, Questions will be on Meeting question thread***
[SIZE="5"]~~~Please post your RSVP Again for the new date~~~[/SIZE]

Meeting agenda:

1. Elect Chairman & 4 board members from the floor*
2. Decide to register club with the state for a formal group or not
3. Club License
(3A) Club purpose defined
(3B) Club roaster
(3C) Minuets-Chris recording as we go
(3E) Board elects 4 of the new board members to sign
(3F) Board elects Trustee for club callsign
(3G) Signing takes place
We must have 4 officers, 4 members, club purpose defined in writing. Also, Minuets of this meeting and the officers must select a Trustee to represent the license. I will volunteer to record the minuets of this meeting, create the roster of attendes and the proper documents to process this. I will also pay the FCC processing fees.

2. Meetings
Location, frequency etc..... The general plan needs to be created here... short term locations and long term. Rotating? all that stuff

3. Club actions and responsibility to be defined and agreed on by both the owners and club board, for both the forum and the repeaters.

4. Activities
Weekends, Field Day and so on.....

I'm sure we will modify/change this as we go..... here is the start

*Elections are for those present only. There will be no proxy voting. You must be present to except nomination and/or vote
Club board member
To Keep the thread short and easy to read, we have the following people so far:
[SIZE="5"] 18 as of 920am Feb 12[/SIZE]

W7WIL w/ 1 chair
KF7NAY w/ 2 chairs
KE7UUM w/possible chair
Steve-NUD has another ham coming!- family I think- cant remember call sign- sorry Sad


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