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Baofen UV-5R ***VIRUS WARNING****
So got my Baofeng UV-5R today. So I virus scanned the 'driver' cd that came with it, as I orded the USB cable too. Not blaming at all, just saying be careful.
Scan anything you get from anywhere.


[Image: caAOT.png]

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No kidding trojan virus

Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Always Do!!!!Big Grin

Remember, though, some files can be misinterpreted as a virus or trojan just by their file structure, certain code used to build the files, etc. I have a few setup programs in my downloads folder that I happen to know are fine but even my Avast(the KING of antivirus!) sees as a possible threat just because of it's structure as an EXE. Also, if you look, they are usually "low" threat level, "low" destruction level, "low" everything. I'll have to take a look at it. I've already downloaded and played with the UV-3R and UV-5Rsoftware, but not the drivers. No problems with the software.

Also, I noticed(if I'm not mistaken) you use Norton(if I'm seeing the icon correctly....PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong). That may be the problem, too. No offense, but....Norton is CRAP! Better antivirus like Avast(which is free by the way, and happens to smoke just about everything out there), is very, VERY good at keeping their virus definitions accurate and keep the user very well protected while trying to also minimize fluke alerts. Hmm.....I think I'll go download those drivers and see what Avast says. I'm betting it will say OK. Don't mistake that for weakness with Avast though, I've seen Avast sniff out stuff no other antivirus ever seen!!!! And I'm HARD on my computers, too! I download stuff I shouldn't all the time because I know how to fix it. Avast has saved my butt so many times, it's crazy! LOL!!
Anyway, I been doing this a long time and Norton is notorious for problems and i wouldn't go near it with a ten foot pole. (No offense, Chris!) Big Grin
Actually, this last run or two of their antivirus is supposed to be better, but still.....
I wouldn't trust Norton to protect my $9.99 digital watch.

Thanks for the heads up, tho, man!!! I will look into this and see what Avast says about it and get back to you. Might take me a few days. Also, don't exclude the possibility that file was just corrupt.
-Jeff  Cool
I sent the files in to have a developer look at. Correct it could be a false positive (not a virus but bad shared bit's between anti-virus vendors) but still does not hurt to post it a friendly heads up here.

The driver I believe is for the USB cable that came with the radio from 409 shop, don't know just did a scan on the cd and never used it after the pop ups. I remever when I got a LCD picture frame for christmas that was a whole sale lot from China. That thing did have a ton of virus on it from the manufacture itself.

Meh, is what it is.
K7NEO Wrote:I sent the files in to have a developer look at. Correct it could be a false positive (not a virus but bad shared bit's between anti-virus vendors) but still does not hurt to post it a friendly heads up here.
Yep, absolutely!

Fortunately, I won't even be using that driver, which is probably the same as the one for the UV-3R(actually, I know it is....same cable), which I am getting, because my Wouxun cable will program them anyway. That's one of the reasons I got the "Plus" version over the "Mark II", I already had a prog cable and didn't need to buy another. Obviously the cable I have already works. But I'm still gonna go download their driver, should just be standard Prolific 2303, maybe even a few to see what Avast says and ivestigate a bit. Just haven't had time yet. LOL....too busy playin with my NEW RADIO!!!!!!! (FT-2900!!!) :-)
-Jeff  Cool
Just another note for others, to go along with this.......

You generally don't want to use the/any drivers that come on the disc anyway. There's ONLY a million different places to download the latest Prolific drivers anyway. And besides, unless you force it, 9 out of 10 times, Windows is going to search Internet for an up to date driver and find one when you plug the cable in anyway. If it ever says anything about "Be sure to install driver first......THEN plug in cable", aghhhh, BULL!!! Plug it in and let Windows do it's job!! Every USB device I own or ever owned, not just radio programming cables, but EVERY USB device, I've just plugged in and let Windows sniff it out.
(some, SOME printers excluded)
USB drivers are ALWAYS found quicker and are equal to or updated from any driver on a disc. Cheers!!!


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