BaoFeng Dual Band HT at for $31.79 w/ shipping I beleive
I wanted to pass this along in case you want a cheap backup handheld radio. If I hadn't just spent a ton at HRO for HF stuff I would pick one up. Enjoy:

Chris Underwood
Wait wait wait... hold on a second.

"spent a ton at HRO for HF stuff" sounds like it should have a story attached.

What'd ya get? Tell us about your new shiny toys!

Oooh, and you're rockin' the /AG, I see. Grats again!
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I bought an LDG AT100ProII automatic tuner. Also an LDG 1:1 Current Balun and some coax accessories. I have a 40m dipole but want to make a random wire too.


I picked up a Baofeng UV-5R with an extended 3800 mAh battery last week for less than $60 with the shipping as it came from NJ, a friend of mind is programming it for me as I didn't get the programming software and cable, at least he owed me a favor or two, lol. Nice little radio I say for it's price!

Jeff - KE7OUR
I just purchased that little Boafeng radio and well, got to hand it to them. its a nice little radio. Not sure how its going to last but I spent $60 bucks.
This little radio puts my Yaesu VX-5 to shame. In fact Shame on Yaesu, Kenwood for what you charge for your stuff. Dodgy
And my Yaesu VX-5. Who ever setup the programming for that radio, needs to be taking out and shot. Press this for a second, then this button for a second and then this button, all within those three seconds. Or press this for one second, then this for two seconds and blab blab blab.

The way I figure it, its always nice to be able to have a program to just Program all your memories in but then again how often are you going to do that? I think, maybe one time and from that, I program my own in.
Whats nice about that, I can read a copy of what all I have saved.

Anyway, moral of the story is, You don't always get what you pay for. Some times you get more than you thought. Thanks Baofeng.
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