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April 9th Meeting - How'd it go?
Hey guys!

So, I wasn't able to make the meeting yesterday. I had a School Board meeting I had to go to that was scheduled for the exact same time. Ugh.

How'd it go? What'd I miss? Anything worthy of note?

As an aside, was anyone going to post the minutes from the previous meeting? Should I post the minutes from the first meeting?

I know, I know - I'm full of questions.
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It went really well, sorry you missed it. We approved the minutes from the March 12 meeting, approved the By-Laws and started discussions about field day. Stacey appointed a committee to look into possible locations and we have plans to get lists of available equipment once we have the location figured out. We also got a request for communications support for a local run event that the city runs in the fall. Pretty good for a brand new club!

Last but not least K7TVL gave a show and tell about filtering with "cans" and the challenges of setting up repeaters. Most of the information was new to me and I really got a kick out of it. Chris said he will do the next one too and then hoped that someone else would volunteer to present something after that.

Now that the minutes from time before last have been approved by the club they can be posted.


Sean – KF7NAY


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