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Anyone interested in some 6-Meter SSB activity? (Maybe a net?)
I was speaking with W7CHD (and another gentleman whose callsign has slipped my mind, but his handle was "boB", in that order) today during the commute home about the poor state of 6-meters in the valley. We got to talking about ways we could improve 6-meter activity and started discussing possibly setting up some sort of 6-meter net, or even just scheduling a time and frequency for Willamette valley folks to meet and have some casual fun on 6-meters SSB.

Would anyone else be interested in trying this out?
Evan K7FOS (Formerly KF7VFU)
Howdy Evan,

I believe there's already a 6m net based on Eugene on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, it is during Swap Net (I think). there's some reason I'm not already taking part, and I think that's the reason why. Art (WA7AG) in Eugene either runs it or is very involved in it, as I recall. I think John (W7GX) and Marv (W7AE) are also involved and either check in regularly or at least have more information on it.

Good idea, though! I'd be interested in finding out if anyone up here can check in to that net!

Oh - and Dan (WA7ABU) in the Silverton area has a 6m repeater. I can't hit it from here, but I really don't have a good antenna for it. I know there are a few others around too - check
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ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
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I would like to work 6m SSB. Let me know when and i'll see if I can tune you all in.

Chris Underwood, K7UND/AG
Yes, i would be very interested, i think we should plan a night to try, maybe Thursdays? That is the defense force net, and i don't believe we have many people active on that net, it just uses the PRA system.
I would love to participate in a 6 meter net just tell me the frequency and when?


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