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Aluminum Dual band J-Pole plans
Just completed a new J-Pole antenna.

The swr is good, the highest is 1.5:1 on one end of 70cm (the only tuning instrument used was a good tape measure.) A trip to a metal recycler for the aluminum, a hardware store, and Radioshack where required. The antenna cost was about $20 plus the stainless hardware.

I had a couple obstacles. The piece of metal for my longest element was a little over an inch short, but I tapped a hole in the end and installed a stainless bolt with a jam nut to make up the length.
For some reason the SO-239 on the Radioshack bit would not mate with the the old Amphenol connector that I wanted it to. I tried another Amphenol connector of the same type and vintage and it wouldn't work either. All other connectors that I tried mated with either side fine, so you probably won't have that issue.

The new antenna is mounted on top of a 20ft pipe and it does what I want it to.
This design can be purchased new from Arrow Antennas.

Hope to hear you on the air!
-Matt KF7DVN
(Click image to enlarge)
Any pictures?
Picture added. I wish I had a picture of it before installation, but I do not.
You can see that I have a connector mess, but it was either that or put off the install.
I ended up using a 90 degree adapter and one end of the coax has a 90 degree end on it.
I will probably change it later.
Yep, I built a home-brew version of the Arrow OSJ-146/446!! Mine is made of aluminum, steel and galvanized. A little heavier than it's predecessor with all the steel but works AWESOME!!!!!! I love it!! Mine is actually FIVE-banded!(probably just harmonics on some of it but it shows the radio a good 1.0:1 SWR!!!) I love making my own antennas!!!
-Jeff  Cool
Thanks for posting the Link.

This IS a really good antenna for what it consists of. You don't have to solder, No Matching Networks, Could get away with fabricating using hand tools are just some of the cool features. It's no Diamond X-510 or Yagi but I think it's essential for any "Go-Kit" since it can be broken down and stored in a tube.

I've built over 10 of these w/o issue. And if you don't want to build them, they are available from Arrow Antennas for a Ok price.


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