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A Thing that is Greater than the Sum of it's parts
Yesterday Saturday 3/19 Mike W7RIS and Sean KF7NAY came to test my antenna system. Mike brought his antenna analyzer. he validated the coax and we tested each band logging the resonate frequency, SWR, resistance and Impedance. very Cool.

A plan is better than whistle in the wind. Found the antenna needs some tuning for 160 and potentially 80 and 40. Still researching those processes. The factory says 80 and 40 shouldn't need it. I also got a plan to search for noise. I remembered my Yeasu VX6 has general coverage receiver I took a long wire soldered a connector and rolled it into a loop. At final analysis it is the nice Pyramid 30 amp DC switching supply I bought from Frys that is causing much of the balance of my interference. Both from the fan and when current is being drawn.

These guy worked very hard and spent quite a bit of time talking to me setting exceptions helping me define and refine the plan.

I am so happy to be a part of this group. Looking forward to a time I can give back.
Ted - KW7RTM
All Around Nice Guy
Thats awesome!!! Good job guys!!

Those who plan and prepare, endure the weather!!
Exxxxcelent Ted. I was thinking it was likely something nearby.
Glad it was not just wife QRM Ted. That would be impossible to control. Seriously, you are lucky to have Mike W7RIS and Sean KF7NAY to help you. So many times we get someone into our hobby and just leave them alone once they are licensed.


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