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2016 PRA Officers Nominations
Howdy, all!

Just a reminder and an update - the March 21, 2016 PRA club meeting is the BIG annual meeting for the club! Elections are held, proposed changes to the bylaws are voted on, and a new year begins for club dues!

Nominations for all club positions are currently OPEN until part-way through the March 21st meeting. Here's a run-down of the club positions and a list of everyone who has been nominated (And accepted the nomination) for a position within the club:

Chair: Paul Lusardi, N0VLR
Secretary: Ted Mitchell, W7RTM
Treasurer: Andrew Prentice, W7AAU
Trustee: Chris Novara, AB7BS
At-Large Directors: (NOTE: There are only three of these positions available, but there can be unlimited nominations)
Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z
Mike Shelby, W7RIS
Bill Powell, KE7ZKH
Jim Darrough, KI7AY
Matt Cawrse, KF7DVN
Vaughn Phillips, W0ULF (That's me - full disclosure, heh)

NOTE: If any other members in good standing of the Peak Radio Association are interested in running for one of these positions, please come to the March meeting and either nominate yourself or ask someone to nominate you. You can also nominate other people for positions - but please get their permission first!

Requirements for the positions:
Chair: Must be eligible to be a member of Oregon State Credit Union - they hold our bank accounts, and you have to be eligible to be a signer on the account!

Secretary: Show up at meetings and take minutes, report out on the previous meeting's minutes, and keep track of club paperwork.

Treasurer: Same as the requirements for Chair, as you need to be able to sign checks. Also you must take payments for dues,  pay the club's bills (There aren't many!), and make a written Treasurer's Report each meeting.

Trustee: You must be an Extra-class licensee and be willing to be the club's Quartermaster (Person in charge of all club equipment). This is a very small list - but you still have to make a written report about what the club owns every year.

At-Large Directors: Come to meetings and vote on things! We like to see our Directors at as many meetings as possible.

Questions? Comments? Ask away!

-Vaughn Phillips
2015 Chair
W0ULF 2011+
ex KF7RJU 2011-2011
ex KC7YNP 1997-2007
Rigs: Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver and HX-10 Marauder Transmitter, IC-7410 Base HF w/AH-4, IC-2720 Mobile Dual Band, IC-V8000 Go-Bag 2m, IC-2820 base 2m/70cm (That goes to Field Day or goes in the other truck when I'm driving it), Kenwood TH-75A and Icom IC-92AD HTs.


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